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Purist Blue – cooling, crisp, contemporary

First we introduced Neo Mint and now we haild the soft and sunny Purist Blue as the next key color for S/S 2020 – The latest evolution of blue’s journey from a core to a fashion colour. The depth of the sea and vastness of the sky remain icons of desire that everyone universally understands. It’s an optimistic shade which doesn’t awake emotions – it’s an emotion in its own right.

The artist Louise Bourgeois stated, ‘colour is stronger than language. It’s a subliminal communication.’

Colour can alter our consciousness and evoke emotions within us that we’re often not aware of. Noted as the colour of power, Blue has been referenced for many centuries in old paintings as the hue that unites the heavens with the earth, the near with the far. Blue represents peace, meditation and escapism. It both grounds and uplifts us with its connotations to spirituality.

Psychologically, blue seems worlds apart from the warmth of red and yellow. It can appear cold, passive, quiet and serious where the other primary colours seem lively, active and dynamic. A lot of brands are now diluting their blues to evoke more closeness.

Google famously tested 40 different shades of blue in its logo to see which one performed the best, and also states that it’s switch to a more purplish shade of blue for Gmail in 2014 earned the company an excess of $200m a year. Companies are constantly drawn to the hue as it promotes security, stability and trust.

Blue is also noted as the richest colour to see for those suffering with colour blindness. The well-known Facebook logo is blue as founder Mark Zuckerberg is red-green colour blind himself.

Purist Blue we see emerging as an optimistic hue able to work both as a fashion and core colour across women’s, men’s and kids’ apparel. Whilst, in the interior and automotive market, the shade has a nostalgic and feminine appeal which feels new for these sectors.

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