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Top Trend: Patchwork

I don’t know about you but I systematically toss away torn jeans, shirts and sweaters. And I always feel a tinge of guilt about it… as we should be living in a more eco-friendly environment. It is important to find a way to recycle or give these garments a second chance. This season, designers, perhaps in part to reduce waste, embraced one of the most fashionable ways to up-cycle their ideas. They turned to using a patch-working technique to create their ensembles and thus are giving a new lease on life to fabrics as well as arguably reducing their carbon fashion foot-print.

How much patchwork is too much patchwork? This rhetorical question might sound silly to you but in fashion terms, it’s actually an important one. And right now this mix and match technique has reached its highest peak. But don’t be afraid to put aside your simple white-tee; designers have got your back. And as there are no strict rules to follow when using mixed prints, any shape can be given. Patchworks are no longer merely a design technique, it has become a statement “look” all on its own.

Let’s start with this incredible silhouette from Richard Quinn. All the colors, all the patterns. Somehow it doesn’t look abusive but very elegant, like a chic camouflage outfit. Richard Quinn has an amazing talent as we can see with the draped technique.

With the next look from the house of Dolce & Gabbana, we can see that the designers have really mastered the art of putting together eye catching looks in a street style chic way. The duo also smartly tapped into other trends of this Fall/Winter by weaving in both logos and eighties themes. This long winter coat would be perfect for the upcoming cold days, especially if you have the desire to be seen from a distance in the dark of our shorter days.

Moving on to Christian Dior’s show where Maria Grazia Chiuri paid homage to the youth movements in the 60s. With this chic and classic silhouette, the explosion of colors and the vibrant patchwork chosen make this dress look like a paint palette. Reveal your artistic side by wearing this dress for any of your formal or casual events.

With the next three looks selected, we want to offer you a more “simple” and “sophisticated” take on how to wear patchwork on a daily basis.

Often times, I can’t decide which coat I want to wear when I leave for work. Do I want to feel chic in a long and beige rain coat? Am I in a sporty mood and want to wear my bombers? Hard questions that take up those oh so crucial minutes in the am that are the difference between me be being on time, or late, for work. Anyways, that being said, Atsuhi Nakashima came up with a magnificent sartorial solution, a trench that reunites all your favorite fabrics into one piece! Thanks to this piece, you will save a lot of time each morning.

When we look at the next silhouette from Junko Shimada, we cannot wait to slip into those very comfy looking tartan pants. Do we really have to mention how fluffy and soft the jacket looks? Counting the days till Sunday, you know what I’ll be wearing! Comfy and chic, what else do you need?

You’ve come this far in the article, but if you still think that this trend is too extravagant then maybe this last look will convince you. It’s a more pared back outfit from Libertine that is both simple and complex; black pants and trench with few patches on it. It feels a bit more literal in its execution of the patchwork trend. But there is a sweetness to it, just like with most of the other patchwork looks in our line up.

What makes patchwork outfits so great is that you really get a sense of the artisan who created it. They are like colorful pieces of art that put the handiwork of the designers front and center.


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