The Shop Sartorial Wrap-Up

This week, we're looking ahead to Super Saturday, as last minute shoppers, approximately 44% of US consumers, are expected to spend $26 billion.

In sustainable thinking, Renaissance man Virgil Abloh is joining mineral water company Evian as Creative Adviser for Sustainable Innovation Design. Intended to be an ongoing collab, the water company’s goal of becoming circular by 2025 speaks to a growing conversation around ethical production.

At retail, DKNY’s holiday pop-up takes a new approach to delivery. Throughout the holiday season, consumers can order personalized tees and totes online, with the goods coming packaged in a DKNY-branded pizza box.

Innovation In Inclusive Sizing Cynthia Vincent’s new label Baacal has a sincere mission--women of all sizes deserve beautiful clothes. Founder of the contemporary line Vince as well as St. Vincent and Twelfth Street, Vincent's latest D2C label will carry sizes 10-22, ackowledging the fact that today's average woman is a size 16-18.

With brands like Universal Standard, Eloquii and Serena Williams' new line Great innovating around plus size fashion, consumer demand continues to prove the untapped opportunity in providing women of all sizes with contemporary styles across all price points.

Generation Watch 2019: The Evolving Workplace​ As 2018 comes to a close, we are watching the evolution of two major generations whose roles are shifting heading into 2019. Millennials will finally replace boomers as the largest adult population in the US, but more importantly, they are moving into senior and executive roles in the workplace. Gen Z, on the other hand, will soon be entering the workforce in droves. By 2020 it’s estimated that they will make up around 40% of the overall workforce. As brands, retailers and marketers look to future trends, they must ask themselves questions like what kind of bosses will Millennials be and how will Gen Z disrupt an already disrupted workplace? With the oldest Millennials turning 40 in 2020, we expect to see many of them become executives and CEOs. Meaningful work continues to drive this generation, and they believe in a positive and nurturing work culture. It’s no surprise to see the continuation of the bleisure trend, as they roll travel, wanderlust and their career together. By 2020, Gen Z will be the new generation, under Millennial management in many cases, to contend with when it comes to workplace culture, and they bring a very different mindset to the table, from their fluid sense of reality, to a dislike of labels. As we head into the new year, brands and retailers should capitalize on these new roles and shifting expectations with the right product and marketing for a new workplace mindset.

Going Bold

For Pre-Fall '19 prints are very personal. From the bold, evidenced as Etro, Versace, and LaDoubleJ, to romantic in dainty garden florals in pretty ground colors, a top message of the season is the pattern story. As romanticism continues to sway fashion choices and evoke sentiments of femininty and beauty, floral designs are reworked for every season, while playful mashups continue to inspire.

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