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Top 10 Jewellery Influencers

If there's one thing we know for sure, it's that whilst there's a perfect piece of jewellery out there for everyone, finding influencers who are the right fit for your jewellery brand is a completely different story.

When done correctly, influencer marketing can work phenomenally well for jewellery brands, as Les Georgettes by Altesse can testify. To help launch their brand internationally, using gifting only, they activated over 200 partnerships with influencers reaching over 4 million consumers in 10 markets.

But if you're just starting out, finding the right jewellery influencers can be daunting - especially as they tend to cut across many different verticals, be it fashion, lifestyle, beauty, photography, or art. Having relationships with tens of thousands of influencers, Shop Sartorial can help narrow it down by helping you find the perfect influencer for your brands that speak to your specific audience.

To help inspire you, here are 10 jewellery influencers who will conquer the world (and your campaign) if you give them the right jewellery...

Followers: 123k

Why we love Dela: The only hair out of place you'll ever see, would be on Dela's dogs. Completely obsessed with puppies this London girl is always dressed to impress. Combining classic and bold pieces, she has collaborated with luxury brands such as Guess and Ralph Lauren. Dela, always knows the best ways to highlight her outfits with the finest jewels.

Followers: 28.7k

Why we love Molly: Queen of creativity, Molly captures beautiful content which highlights delicate jewellery pieces, that fit seamlessly in her feed. Her favourite jewellery brands include Tiffany & Co, Sophie Bille Brahe and Atelier VM.

Followers: 387k

Why we love Lucy: World wanderer, trend setter and jewellery lover, Lucy is a full time blogger at Fashion Me Now. She's been featured in magazines such as Elle and has bagged some huge collaborations with brands such as Mango, Tory Burch, Bash Paris and Faithful The Brand. But most importantly, Lucy has joined Missoma to create a collection full of delicate jewellery pieces inspired by her trip to Rome, adding a modern twist to ancient style.

Followers: 103k

Why we love Elif: Elif can make anything look cool, mixing simple and edgy, she's found the perfect balance. Just like the name of her blog Elif creates a medley of fashion, covering everything from fashion, Jewellery, beauty, interiors to art and even bridal-wear. With a following of over 100k and a feed of perfectly curated pictures it's no wonder this girl has been featured in Vogue Turkey.

Followers: 233k

Why we love Murielle: Think 70's, think Italy with a mixture of Paris, the most iconic photos of the best actresses with an artistic twist and you have Murielle's feed. Voyaging her way through Europe, Murielle has us in awe of her wander-lustful photos. With over 230k followers, her content has been proven to be pretty popular with her young following too and she's amassed a great engagement rate of over 6.3%.

Followers: 7.8k

Why we love Lika: Hopping from Germany to Italy, Lika documents her travels, simply, elegantly and never without her accessories. Though, Lika is merely a micro-influencer she has a macro engagement rate. With some pretty decent collaborations under her belt already such as Gyllen Watches and Burga, we're guessing she'll be jumping to midi-influencer in no time!

Followers: 34k

Why we love Sheree: Travelling the world, Sheree Luurssen along with her crew over on inspire their followers with their tom-boyish looks. With a penchant for sneakers and tracksuits, they give any jewellery piece master the cool, chilled, off-duty look.

Followers: 10.2k

Why we love Seiichi: Seiichi's effortlessly cool style is always perfectly paired with a collection of gold jewellery adding another dimension to her looks. With an incredible engagement rate of 12% this micro-influencer is set to boom and we can't wait to watch her grow!

Followers: 61.8k

Why we love Ume- Romaan: This classically stylish influencer can make anything look trés chic, creating effortlessly cool outfits with simple pieces. Bold earrings or dainty bracelets fit seamlessly in her perfectly neutral curated feed. She's collaborated with huge brands such as Boss, Arket, Calvin Klein and Tiffany's, but whether her posts are sponsored or not, her content always remains incredibly authentic.

Followers: 16.5k

Why we love Beth: Beth completely captures the London look. This edgy photographer has mastered the art of a prefect feed and has us completely hooked with her content, it's no wonder her following keeps growing. She is great for jewellery collaborations, sharing with her audience exactly how you can steal her looks in her captions and blog.

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