There's Magic In the Air...

Yes, that life changing show Magic, that Netflix introduced, had a major effect on us (have you or your workplace got into it?)... After reading the book, it has got me thinking about how these tidying up principles apply to manufacturing. I decided I would look to the lean manufacturing school of thought for inspiration. I found the 5s, have you heard of these?

5S is often the launching point for businesses just starting with lean manufacturing. Much of 5S seems obvious, but each step can result in huge improvements in efficiency and quality. Here they are.

Sort: Organize every workspace by separating the necessary (materials, tools) from the unnecessary (waste, ends, scraps) and remove anything unnecessary from the production area.

Set In Order: Lay out the necessary inputs of production (tools and materials) in an easy, intuitive manner

Shine: Clean the workspace and remove any clutter

Standardize: Make a list of instructions for repeating the first three steps, so that any employee who arrives in the workspace knows exactly how to proceed

Sustain: Rinse and repeat. Sort, Set In Order and Shine on a regular basis, so that the workspace stays clean and clutter-free at all times.

I wasn't surprised to find that the 5s started in Japan of course! Do you use anything like this in production or your office?

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