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Amazon continues to feed consumer's DIY ambitions

There have been several moves in the retail space around home lately. In a Facebook video, Sears unveiled its new logo, which alludes to linking "heart" and "home." But people quickly criticized the company's logo for looking unmistakably similar to Airbnb's logo. Hey, we get it. Mistakes happen. But we feel like this could've easily been avoided, no?

But if the new logo triggered some nostalgia for the kit houses of Sears' heyday, look no further than Amazon. Allwood is selling DIY cabins and garden houses through the online marketplace. A 174-square-foot cabin costs $8,360, according to a Marie Claire report, is one of the most popular. And of course it did because the home can be assembled in as little as eight hours for two adults.

You can convert it into a guest home, a studio, garden house, pool house, or truly anything your heart desires. If you want to add anything extra like HVAC or electricity to this DIY home, you'll need to do that yourself—it doesn't include any of those amenities. Other than that, feel free to paint the wooden structure and decorate as you wish—the tiny house is yours to customize!

And if this style isn't exactly your cup of tea - check out their other options!




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