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An Influencer With 2 Million Followers Couldn't Sell 36 T-Shirts and Twitter Is NOT OKAY But...

  • Twitter is freaking out thanks to an influencer named Arii with 2 million followers being unable to sell 36 T-shirts.

  • Arii has disabled her Instagram comments due to insane amounts of trolling.

Today in confusing math problems that I'm 100 percent too exhausted to solve: Twitter is deeply baffled after an influencer named @Arii with 2 million followers failed to sell the 36 T-shirts required for her to start a clothing line.

In a since-deleted Instagram post, Arii explained that no one had "kept their word" and ordered her shirts despite "getting such good feedback," and that now "the company won't be able to send orders to people who actually bought shit." She also added "the people who I thought would support me really didn't nor did they share any of my posts (all I asked for)." Kay, so it's obviously pretty weird that someone with 2 million followers couldn't sell 36 T-shirts. Like, pretty sure even I could sell 36 T-shirts. And Twitter has a lot of thoughts about what the actual hell is going on.

Like, maybe the influencer ~bubble is bursting~?

Maybe the product was at odds with her personal brand?

Either way, Twitter is GOING OFF.​

And some Twitter users gave her constructive criticism on the launch, first pointing out that you need to know your consumer as a business owner:

And that if you're not really building up a personal rapport with your followers, who are coming to your page for a specific reason, you may not be as influential when it comes to sales

In fact, Twitter did a whole Marketing 101 class in the comments:

Now poor Arii has had to turn off Instagram comments on some of her posts thanks to people trolling her with musings like "Hey can’t seem to find any posts or links about your clothing brand? Thought the design would be great to wear matching with 35 of my friends," and "How's the merch going 💀." Honestly, I feel bad! SOMEONE BUY HER SHIRTS!

Could you sell 36 t-shirts? Let us know your thoughts!!

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