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Created for strong and elegant women who know what they want and want to be noticed, ZSISKA is a designer brand of high quality colorful and bold resin jewelry.

Dutch designer Siska Schippers started her career in Europe working in gold and silver jewelry. She moved to Thailand in the 1990's to a small studio in Cha-Am, near Bankok and began working with resin, creating fun home decor and gift items. By experimenting with different dyes and techniques, Siska created a unique translucent finish making the resin look like glass.

Inspired by the comeback in Europe of big and bold jewelry in early 2001, Siska began creating a range of eclectic fashion jewelry. Each piece is handmade with love and care utilizing refined techniques and experienced craftsmanship. The resin in combination with different quality materials such as: 24k gold leaf, pure silver leaf and Swarovski crystals ensures that every piece is a work of art.

In 2007, she rebranded and launched as ZSISKA, the line of fashion jewelry fast becoming a known and loved fashion statement worldwide. Twice a year ZSISKA introduces 10-14 original and uniquely new collections to market.

While much jewelry is now made by machines in countries with poor labour practices and cut-price materials, ZSISKA steadfastly supports local craftsmen and maintains the highest quality production for every piece.Every bead is poured, painted, polished, and knotted by hand.

“The hardening process of the product is the most critical,” explains Siska. “Liquid resin is poured into moulds to form the desired shapes. Some are pre-treated with colour at the initial stage, and for some, we introduce our specialised techniques during the process. “Many of these resins will have to go through many stages of hardening, incorporating the various elements, re-coating, and more coating to create the style that ZSISKA jewelry has become renowned for.”

The handcrafting process, refined over 20 years of manufacturing, still uses many traditional elements such as layering the resin, but ZSISKA's international appeal lies in its constant experimentation with new techniques.

“Every piece takes a different time to make,” says Siska. “We always try to develop new techniques and shapes and it takes many prototypes before we form a final piece. Sometimes a piece can look simple but actually takes many complicated processes to achieve

its final look. Others might look complicated, but actually, need less time to create.”

The Totem triple stone necklace is just one example of ZSISKA’s refined style of jewelry making. The piece, comprised of a trio of striking pendants, is typical of Siska’s exquisite creations, balancing eye-catching color with elegant design. In the gallery above you can see Athena, Artisan, Celeste, Chorus, Dok-Mai and more.

Inspiration for every collection of ZSISKA is found in the wonderful diversity of cultures, art, upcoming fashion trends and colors.

The team of 14 women with whom she started the company still work with her today and have made ZSISKA an international brand. Her creative flair and artistic energy as the creative director adds the perfect touch to all the pieces.

ZSISKA can be found at independent retailers throughout the world.

For additional information or to find retail/wholesale information about the brand email HERE.

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