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Asos pins itself to absurdity

The fast-fashion website is selling a pair of safety pins it's marketing as earrings in hopes of securing consumers' dollars.

Garbage. But make it fashion.

2019 has been a dumpster fire of a year, so much so that retailers are literally selling garbage on their websites.

Asos hasn't made a name for itself by playing it safe when it comes to fashion. Whether it's see-through pants or functionless AirPod dupes, the British e-commerce site has been known to push the boundaries of what's acceptable. But Asos may have truly outdone itself this time by selling something almost everyone already has lying around their homes.

If you thought you couldn't put a price on absurdity, think again. For just $9.50, consumers can receive two safety pins, which Asos suggests are earrings(?). But Twitter users were quick to call the brand out on its crap.

Honestly, it's getting to be that point of the year where people are beginning to just give up (in more ways than one), so go ahead, rock these safety pins. And while you're at it, create a belt out of paper clips. It's called fash-shun, people. Look it up.

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