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Brands Create Programs to Help Independent Retailers

Clockwise from left: Corkcicle, Jetty and ambsn are some of the brands that have launched programs to help independent retailers.

Several industry brands are coming up with innovative programs to help specialty retailers during this unprecedented time.

Here’s a sampling of programs being offered.


Dylan and Dustin Odbert, owners of ambsn, are allowing their online shoppers to choose any surf, skate or clothing boutique in the checkout field, and ambsn will send 20% of the proceeds to that retailer. The retailer does not even have to be one that sells the brand.

“Without independent retailers there would be no ambsn,” said Dylan and Dustin. “These family owned stores across the country have supported us for the last 10 years. Giving back a portion of our sales is the very least we can do to stand with them right now, as they are forced to close their doors for the foreseeable future. We just want everyone to get through this and come out stronger on the other side. We are in this together.”


Corkcicle has added a new section to its website that allows shoppers to support local retailers.For the next three weeks, customers who shop at Corkcicle can choose to support their local Corkcicle retailer during the checkout process. Corkcicle will credit the store for the purchase as if the customers had bought from that retailer. Corkcicle will mail a check to retailers when the program ends.“Everyone is in a tough spot right now and we hope that our program can help our independent partners in this difficult time,” Corkcicle President Eric Miller said. “Our business was built through independent stores and we truly hope this can help them weather the storm.  While the news continues to focus on the larger retailers and the macro effects of CV-19,  we can’t forget about the lifeblood of our economy and entrepreneurs that have risked so much to start their businesses.


Jetty is offering 10% of net profits generated from online sales on the brand’s website to be distributed to current specialty brick-and-mortar dealers in the zip code that the customer is ordering from. The proceeds to retailers will come in the form of a credit on Summer 2020 orders. The program will last until businesses get back to normal, meaning curfews and restrictions on stores are lifted.“It really just comes down to all the unknowns right now,” Jetty Founder Cory Higgins said.  “There’s info coming at us from every angle and it’s changing hourly.  If the virus passes through our communities and we’re back to life again in a couple weeks, with barely an uptick in online sales for Jetty, then that’s fantastic and maybe we only have to credit out a few dollars.”“However, if everyone is holed up inside for a while, and we see a big spike in online sales, then we won’t feel good about not sharing in that,” he said.  “The retailers who have had our back for 18 years need us to have their back right now.  We know it’s a small gesture in the grand scheme of things, but just sharing the burden a little and leaning on our partnerships will make things that much easier.”

This article was originally published by Shop Eat Surf and written by By Tiffany Montgomery

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