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Tracking retail's response to the coronavirus

As the private and public sectors try to manage the outbreak of COVID-19, retailers across categories are taking dramatic steps to try prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

With thousands of recorded cases, and the virus found in every state, retailers from Apple to Lululemon have joined schools, workplaces and churches in closing their doors in an effort to contain the virus' spread.

The American Dream megamall in New Jersey announced last week it is postponing the opening of several retailers and the DreamWorks Water Park, which was slated to take place March 19, and is temporarily closing the mall entirely. Others, including Walmart, are reducing hours to give employees more time to restock and sanitize stores.

The closures come as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended canceling gatherings of 50 or more people for the next eight weeks, and states including Illinois and New York ordered bars and restaurants to close.

While not exhaustive, here is a look at which retailers are closing stores or reducing hours across North America. We will regularly update this tracker with the latest news.

Retailers with store closures and reduced hours due to the coronavirus outbreak

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