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This Directory includes 17 verified contact names. Contacts on this directory are priced in the moderate and better to high-end of the jewelry market. 


PRICE - 17 contact names, $20

MARKETS - Many of these manufacturers work with a diverse mix of designers so we have created an "Jewelry Services" tab to let you know who is the correct match for your brand. These manufacturers work with big name jewelry designers as well as designers that are starting, out meaning the production minimum for the majority of these manufacturers is 1-10 proto & samples.

SAVE TIME - Vetted, verified, and compiled by our editors this list contains contacts for the buyers that you want to work with!  With over 15 years in the industry, our editors have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of buyers over the years. This list will help you reach a targeted group of quality buyers around the world.

PRICE POINTS - Manufacturers price points range from moderate, better, contemporary & designer.

Below is the type of contact list information you’ll find on this fashion buyer mailing list. 

1617 6TH AVE.
Title: DMM
Jewelry Services: XXXXXXX
Price Points: XXXXX
Production Minimum: XXXXX

*Please note that we will include direct email addresses unless the buyer has asked us to direct inquiries elsewhere.

THIS LIST IS UPDATED - All information in our database is updated every 6 months to guarantee you have the most up-to-date info as possible. This list was updated June 2018. Please understand that information can change rapidly and we do our best to catch as much unforeseen movement as we can.  We understand how important it is for you to meet your goals and providing our clients’ with quality contact lists is our top priority.

LIST DELIVERY - This list is sent to you as a 24-hour accessible link with a downloadable excel file. Please note for your records, this list is only sent via email and will not be printed nor shipped.

Also because of the online nature of our products - there are no refunds.


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