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Trend Reports - Fall/Winter 2019-2020

Imagine a way of life that's simpler, and offers real opportunity to hone in on core values and build a new life. There is a surge of both artists and entrepreneurs leaving coastal cities in favor of the New Old West. Founded in 1946 by the likes of Roy Rogers, Pioneertown sits in the desert outside of Los Angeles. An affordable cost of living attracts creatives from various fields and encourages them to make their own vision of society. Small- town local mentality embraces outlets from arts and crafts community classes to re-purposed vintage, heirlooms and workwear. Off the grid and surrounded by dry landscape, easy rural living is achieved while mountains in the distance intrigue the adventurous. At night, a slower pace of life offers the ability to disconnect and socialize at the town speakeasy or playing the guitar under the stars. Presented with limitless opportunities, the Pioneertown woman strives to reconstruct the pillars of society and is backed by growing community support.


Refuge • Nomadic Journey • Indigenous • Desert • Pueblo Villages • Tanoan People

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