Trend Reports - Fall/Winter 2019-2020

Switch appears at first minimalist, with strong architectural lines punctuated by energetic colors. This woman is in total control, the creative head of a design agency known for shocking yet universal appeal. Her spherical workspace feels like a hypercolored portal to another dimension, one where her contemporaries can be free to explore energy in modern design. She approaches all aspects of her life in the same manner - assessing function with smart form and adding unexpected elements to land the next big idea. At the core are tailored and unisex elements which play with contrasts such as the use of matte vs. shine or solid vs. print. Outside of the office, she amps up color in her wardrobe as she mingles with underground artists. Respected yet envied, the Switch woman ignites minds with her assertive modern vision.


Architectural Lines • Energetic Colors • Contemporary Design • Portal to Another Dimension • Function & Form • Unisex

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